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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Bad City of Little Rock

This blog is dedicated to exposing and documenting miseeds and misadventures of departments and employees of the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. 



This was another bad week for swamped Little Rock City Attorney Tom Carpenter, troubled City Manager Bruce Moore and befouled LRPD Chief Kenton Tremar Buckner.

The roaming State of Chicago licensed attorney Mike Laux - yes Laux has no license to practice law in Arkansas, except in federal courts- something he never told potential clients that sought him out for representation that reached out to us -  filed a lawsuit Monday morning and held a press conference to lay out all the details. 

We say that Laux is a roamer  because we can't pin down where he actually has a real office (we will delve deeper into this in a future post). The information on his webpage is out of date. His LinkedIn page work experience does not match what you can find using a Google search to see what he has posted himself about his own work experience.  We assume he omits firms that he has been associated with in an "of counsel" position when he wears out his welcome or they have finished using him for a particular case in which they needed an smart-ass, over-confident shyster to take a deposition. 

According to city attorney Tom Carpenter, Laux is good at taking depositions (we suspect because he like to badger folks) and has used Laux to speak to classes when he taught courses at the Bowen School of Law. This is ironic as Laux rips Carpenter just about every chance he can.  
The complaint was filed in federal court Monday morning on behalf of LRPD officers Sgt. Willie Davis, Lt. Earnest Whitten, Sgt. Derrick Threadgill, and former LRPD officer Jackie Parker. Laux said Lt. Johnny Gilbert Jr. and Capt. Tonya Washington will join the complaint as soon as they receive letters saying they have the right to sue from EEOC. 

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages to make up for lost wages, Laux said, but also seeks to enjoin the city from continuing what Laux and the plaintiffs call racist and "uneven" practices in hiring, discipline and promotions. Laux said the LRPD has a clear hierarchy, with older white male officers at the top and black female officers at the bottom.

You can watch an edited version of the press conference.

Or the raw footage we shot of the entire press conference.

Laux was extremely confrontational with fellow blogger, Chef Ean Lee Bordeaux. Laux did not want Bordeaux to cover the press conference for his blog, Corruption Sucks and went so far as to try and snatch Bordeaux's camera.

Laux was butt-hurt about a post Bordeaux made on Facebook back in August 2017, in which Bordeaux referred to Laux in a specific descriptive manner.

Laux then went after the publisher of this blog threatening him with the same banishment as he did Bordeaux, until he found out that one of his clients had personally invited him to attend. Laux tucked tail and went to the corner.

After the press conference Laux made an weak attempt at an apology for his extremely unprofessional behavior before the press conference. Our publisher told him to forget about it and move on. Shit happens, especially when you are dealing with shysters.

We thought that Laux had settled down and were surprised and confused when he demanded that we remove a video we posted on our YouTube channel about the press conference.  He did that in a strange, unprofessional series of emails.
Laux Email Chain by Russ Racop on Scribd

In the emails, Laux flat out lied. 

He claims that he told the publisher that the videos he made of the press conference, the one attended by reporters from the Arkansas Times, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, KARK, FOX16, and KATV  and made video or audio recordings, if shown would be damaging to his clients.

At no time did Laux ever utter that to our publisher.

You can read his emails above and see that for yourself. 

You can also listen to the only voicemail message he left. He called the publisher twice, but only left a message on the second call.

If a "man" will lie about the little things, like details, he will lie about anything. 

To quote Laux, "the truth is the truth." 

The truth is Laux is a liar.

We suspect that the reason Laux did not want anyone to see the videos is because of what he said. Perhaps he made a misstatement of facts.  Perhaps his rambling diatribe might make him look like an idiot. Perhaps the story he told about a childhood event was evidence of some deep rooted bias he wants to keep hidden. We have no idea why he wanted the video record of what he said taken down as once Laux was pressed by the publisher he resorted to name calling and refused to answer questions. Typical shyster move.

We hope that the officers made the right choice in selecting Laux to represent them. Laux might get the city to settle and write out a check, the city seems to do that an awful lot to make real and frivolous lawsuits go away. 

But this lawsuit will not change the way the Little Rock Police Department operates. That is also the unfortunate truth.

The publisher of this blog has been a staunch supporter of the right of Little Rock Black Police Officers Association to exist and has stood up for its members time and time again as a founding member of Citizens for Truth & Credibility in Little Rock Leadershipin this blogand before the Little Rock Board of Directors as a citizen and candidate for the board.

That will not change and that is also the truth.

#TimeForChange #CleanOutLRCItyHall


 We obtained an email that Laux sent Bordeux in which he admits that he "procrastinated" when representing him.  That admission can get Laux in trouble here in Arkansas even thought he holds no Arkansas license to practice law.

The Arkansas Office of the Committee on Professional Conduct, that agency that keeps an eye on attorneys, takes a dim view of lawyers that break our rules and laws.

Maybe Laux should brush up on our rules and laws if he is going to be operating in our state. 

Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come of this story.

Friday, March 9, 2018




We will call it as it is, that is what our readers expect us to do - the last ditch effort by befouled Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Tremar Buckner is pure bullshit, a ploy to try and gain favor of city leaders ready to replace him.

Buckner's use of official LRPD letterhead for a personal statement is itself a violation of LRPD Rules & Regulations.

Citizens posted these comments on LRPD Facebook page where they had posted  Buckner's letter.

We would have posted a comment as well but LRPD has blocked us in violation of our Free Speech Rights. 

The week Buckner was in Charleston for a series of interviews we posted this. At 10:30 pm the evening we posted it, there were 29 active users on server registered to the city of Charleston looking at that page when we were reviewing data on Google Analytics. 

Buckner has been on thin ice here for some time and several board members  have told us that it might be time for him to go. Some have even told the city manager, and Buckner toady, Bruce "Home-Wrecker" Moore that he need to be fired.

There have been tense meeting and conversations between troubled city manager Bruce Moore and Buckner as pressure has been steadily poured out on Moore to get rid of Buckner.

There is speculation that Buckner has something on Moore that he uses to "blackmail" him.  It might be another undisclosed nasty home-wrecking incident or one involving some other sketchy activity.

An article that appeared in yesterday's edition of Charleston's The Post and Courier  that hinted that questions about Buckner's abilities were mounting and he was not going to be selected.

A savvy reader there even suggested what we and others know to be true.  The agency that conducted the search for the Charleston position let Buckner know he was out of the running and suggested that he uses the same sort of public relations tactic the city of Little Rock did with the Amazon selection process - pull out when you don't stand a chance for selection and try an use it to your advantage.

Using that private headhunting agency prevents Freedom of Information inquiries as the city of Charleston is "hands off" in the recruiting process and can skirt transparency in the selection process, including giving Buckner a heads up that he was out of the running. 

To make matters worse for the city, the Fraternal Order of Police, mainly composed of white officers that overwhelmingly choose to live somewhere else than the city for which they work, supports Buckner like one of those third-world children you can allegedly feed for a few dollars a month. For example, take a look at what appeared in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette yesterday.

Perhaps it is because that Buckner intends to let officers, like Gilchrest, that are on a purported "liars list" and have been relegated to positions where LRPD will not have disclose that they are Brady Officers, are to be permitted to go back to regular positions perhaps as payoff for supporting him.  Why LRPD keeps such officers will be explored and revealed in an upcoming post.

Certainly the Black Police Officer Association will not let Buckner off the hook so easily if at all.

No doubt Buckner will try and punish Sgt. Davis some more for doing the right thing and speaking out against a corrupt, biased system.

If Sgt. Davis and the BPOA had not made public the complaint about the racist and subversive white police recruit, LRPD would have white-washed the whole matter and swept it under the rug.

Sgt. Davis and the BPOA should be commended for their whistle-blower activities instead of being punished for attempting to make LRPD a better less biased and honest, respectable agency. Something that can never occur under befouled Buckner's leadership.

This is an election year for city leadership and a wave of change is going to wash over the city and clean out the scum. 

It's damn time.

#TimeForChange #CleanOutLRCItyHall

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Bad Government In Arkansas Blog



The publisher of this blog attempted to enter a public building today to attend an open public meeting and was denied access by DFA Revenue Security Coordinator Curtis Briggs.

Briggs illegally denied our publisher access to a public building and a public meeting due to butt-hurt over a previous post made about him on this blog in which we exposed him lying to the North Little Rock Police Officer when Briggs deceptively indicated that he was a Little Rock Police officer killing time trolling through Burns Park while waiting to execute a search warrant in Lonoke. 

Briggs actually worked for the Arkansas Insurance Department. And his being in the park had nothing to do with his work as an employee of the Insurance Department.

NLRPD accused him of Criminal Impersonation in a police report.

Briggs resigned, in lieu of being fired,  from the Little Rock Police Department according to sources.

Briggs lied when confronted by our publisher that he had been the subject of a post on this blog.

We were not surprised that Briggs would lie. He has a lengthy history of lying as we pointed out in our previous post.

Why DFA would hire Briggs is a question that DFA will more that likely never answer.  We understand he left employment with  the Insurance Department unwillingly.  But DFA has no problems hiring liars, after all they hired Boyce Hamlet to head ABC Enforcement.

Denial of access to a public building for a public meeting will not go well for Briggs or DFA.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Little Rock Backs-Off Charging Anti-Corruption Bloggers for FOIA Requests


Last week LRPD made a bonehead move by proclaiming that they would only provide responses made under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act ("AFOIA"), by placing the requested public record on a CD or DVD and charge $3.00  for each disc.

As usual, LRPD leadership - specifically, Kenton Tremar Buckner - failed to run this plan by city attorney Tom Carpenter.

Carpenter, who is quick to point out that he is an expert concerning the AFOIA and cites a listing in the acknowledgment of the well-know treatise concerning the AFOIA to back up his claim.

Anyone that regularly makes use of the AFOIA and all public employees should know (Ignorantia juris non excusat) that Section

25-19-105(d)(2)(B) of the AFOIA states a "citizen may request a copy of a

public record in any medium in which the record is readily available or

in any format to which it is readily convertible with the custodian's

existing software."

This provision refers to electronic records and "format" refers to "the organization, arrangement, and form of electronic information for use, viewing, or storage.

The AFOIA requires that "[a]ny computer hardware or software acquired by an [agency]...shall not impede public access to records in electronic form.

So of any citizen or resident makes an AFOIA request to LRPD and states that they want information sent to them in electronic form (pdf is usual form for documents and can be easily emailed at no cost to agency or requester) LRPD should not have any difficulty in doing so.

Likewise, if any citizen or resident makes an AFOIA request to LRPD and states that they want a copy of a video or audio recording, that citizen or resident is permitted to go to LRPD and make a copy of that recording using their own equipment or provide LRPD with a CD or DVD to place the requested recording onto. 

The video software that LRPD uses can export a self-executing file that can be easily copied or transferred onto a thumb or external hard drive at no cost to LRPD or the requester.

It has been a constant struggle to get LRPD to comply with our AFOIA requests and some of the excuses they and the city have given use are ridiculous and unbelievable. Click here, here, here, here  and here for some examples.

As the Arkansas Times stated, LRPD proclaimed  they would charge $3.00 for all FOI responses.

After looking into the matter city attorney Tom Carpenter stated that LRPD would only be permitted to charge 58 cents per disc, not the $3.00 per disc.

Matt Campbell, attorney and publisher of Blue Hog Report wrote about how LRPD ill-advised plan would subject them to a lawsuit and he sent a FOI request for information concerning LRPD's cost of discs.

Campbell found that the actual cost per disc was actually 24 cents for a CD and .32 cents for a DVD. 

You can read all Campbell's posts about the LRPD's FOI Fiasco by clicking here, here and here.

The publisher of this blog and the publisher of Corruption Sucks blog were not charged anything for FOI requests LRPD fulfilled after they made their ill-advised proclamation about FOI response charges.

Were we not charged because they know we would contest the charge and file legal action if necessary? You bet your ass that is the reason.

Will they charge others. You bet your ass they will.

If anyone makes a FOI request to LRPD and is charged, get in contact with you and let us know.

We are in the process of publishing a simple guide entitled How to Make Successful  Freedom of Information Act Requests in Arkansas and Not Spend Any Funds  and will make it available for downloading once it is all put together.

Until then, this is the template we use for all out AFOIA requests. Feel free to use it.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

10 Things You Need to Know About LRPD Chief Kenton Tremar Buckner

*If Buckner does not get the job in Charleston, word is his days are numbered here. 
As a public service to the citizens of Charleston, SC we offer 10 things you need to know about the individual that the citizens of Little Rock hope and pray is your next police chief.

1. Kenton Tremar Buckner believes that the majority of crime is caused by people of color in Little Rock. He said the exact same thing when he was an assistant chief in Louisville, KY.

Buckner's comment drew the ire of the Racial Diversity & Cultural Commission. Buckner had a contentious meeting with them and demanded a letter grade. 

They gave him a 'F". Click here and here for details.

2. Kenton Tremar Buckner believes that his decisions are not to be questioned by anyone, including city leadership and if they do so it is "dangerous".

3. Kenton Tremar Buckner believes that laws do not apply to himself or police officers.

Buckner does not believe in giving any law enforcement officer a ticket for speeding or causing an accident while on or off duty.  Click here for details.

When an LRPD officer was captured by a security camera urinating in the open street, Buckner thought it was acceptable.  Click here for details.

4. Kenton Tremar Buckner is not a safe driver.

Buckner has wrecked his city issued ride at least twice. Both accidents were his  fault. Click here for details.
5. Kenton Tremar Buckner does not believe in open records or transparency.

LRPD routinely refuses to provide documents or video recordings when requested pursuant to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. It is only after threatening to take legal action (there is a section of the AFOIA that permits the filing of legal action for denial of rights under the AFOIA) that they relent and provide the documents. Click here and here for details

6. Kenton Tremar Buckner is a hypocrite.

(a) Buckner has questioned the need for black officers in Little Rock to have and belong to the Black Police Officers Association. The BPOA is highly critical of Buckner and did not want him hired as police chief.  Yet he uses Little Rock tax dollars to maintain memberships and attend conferences for the  National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives ("NOBLE") and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators ("NFBPA"). Click here for details.

(b) Buckner suspended an officer that was seen talking with a former classmate.  Unknown to the officer her former classmate had a felony record - a fact she was not aware of.  LRPD has a policy about hanging out with felons and sketchy characters. Yet Buckner is often seen with a convicted sex offender at many civic functions. Click here for details.

7. Kenton Tremar Buckner likes fancy cars.
Buckner has two personal vehicles. A 2000 Mercedes-Benz and a 1966 Cadillac.  We question Buckner's use/misuse of his city provided ride when he has two pimp rides he could use to go to church, to go eat lunch on weekends and after work, and to go bar hopping to get shots of Bourbon or run personal errands.We suspect Buckner is too cheap to purchase his own gas. Certainly with the frequency he causes accidents it's nice to pass the cost of insurance claim payouts to the city's insurance carrier.  And with no citations issued his own insurance company has no idea that he had been the cause of accidents so they can raise his rates as he is a risk.

8. Kenton Tremar Buckner is a liar.  

(a) Buckner said that "disagreement is a sign of healthy communication", however he blocks individuals that have conflicting viewpoints from his own from posting on department social media sites. Click here for details.

In Q&A with Buckner from the summer of 2015 he said this about use of social media:

Reporter: Somebody told us that you've been big about getting Facebook likes on the LRPD Facebook page. Is social media a part of that puzzle of community policing?

Buckner: Sure it is, because whoever told you that thought it was important enough for you to know that. It's certainly important to us. We feel like social media is a viable means for us to get out our message. We're no longer 100 percent dependent on the media to tell the story for the Little Rock Police Department. We want to connect with people via social media. Many people, particularly young folks, use social media as their communication avenue, and we want to make sure we're putting things out through those avenues so people can see what's going on in their community, people can see what's going on with their police department, people can see things that they can engage with, whether it's some kind of initiative [such as] when we did the [KTHV, Channel 11] cereal drive [for the Arkansas Foodbank]. We put things out there like that. When you can reach almost 15,000 people on Facebook, and they in turn turn around and send it to other folks they know, now we're beginning to spread the word other than, maybe, just seeing me in a news conference or something that's in the paper. We can do that at our leisure, rather than just waiting on someone to come here and do the story when they think it's good for them.

(b) When the city of Little Rock was experiencing record high numbers of homicides and violent crimes,  Buckner was asked by members of the city Board of Directors if he thought his department could benefit from assistance from the Arkansas State Police,  he vehemently pushed back.  Buckner did not tell the truth in that he had asked the Arkansas State just two days before his appearance before the board. Click here for details.

9.  Kenton Tremar Buckner is careless with weapons.

(a) Buckner lost a city issued handgun and cannot explain how it happened. It later was found in possession of a felon and would not provide information as to how it came into his possession.  Smells of shenanigans.

(b) Buckner left a handgun in his city issued SUV and it was discovered when employees of city fleet services picked it up from police HQ for servicing and cleaning (it was found under the drivers seat according to sources). Fleet services notified Buckner and he had them immediately bring it back to him and told them to not say anything about the gun being left in the SUV.

10. Kenton Tremar Buckner likes to travel using public funds.
While employed by the city of Little Rock, Buckner spent $10,865.35 per year traveling and attending seminars. Click here for details.

In 2017, as things were falling apart at the seams at LRPD, Buckner used $14,000.00 in public funds to attend a leadership school at Harvard to boost his resume to make him more attractive to a potential employer, like the city of Charleston.

We could have titled this post 100 things you need to know about Kenton Tremar Buckner, but you get the point with these 10.
Things that Kenton Tremar Buckner does not want you to know.

Buckner has objections to Little Rock police officers having facial hair even though he sported a butt-hole tickler mustache when on the Louisville KY police force.

A persistent allegation from LRPD personnel is that Buckner once called for assistance from an officer, the son of an assistant police chief, to remove handcuffs from his arm at his residence.

Buckner has failed to address this allegation or respond to requests for a response.

Buckner used the LRPD Facebook page as his own personal page and posted comments about where he was attending church services or eating a meal.

Buckner would not issue tickets to a police Chaplin for having fictitious tags (the Texas plate) on his car and parking in a handicapped spot with no handicap license plate or hang tag near LA Fitness.

Buckner has a temper and frequently makes snippy comments about individuals that have upset him. Recently, an individual was in city manager Bruce Moore's office and Moore called Buckner to check on a matter.  The individual could hear Buckner screaming at his boss Moore through the telephone handset.  One wonders what Buckner has on Moore to not be reprimanded of fired for such a display of insubordination.  

#TimeForChange #CleanOutLRCityHall #ByeByeBuckner 

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